Sunday Rambles

 Twilight over the  lakefill  at  Northwestern University . 

Twilight over the lakefill at Northwestern University

Well, I think we can all agree that this has been a bit of a week. Yesterday, I watched as thousands of protesters streamed down State street in Chicago - I was on a brief shopping trip in an otherwise busy weekend spent celebrating my sister-in-law's wedding. I started sobbing and giving hugs to the people chanting "no racist USA" and "Muslims are welcome here" - I cannot believe people even have to be out in the streets saying that. I look forward to the day when we are better than this -- I don't need to give a full on political rant here, though (you are welcome to email me if you want the peace-love-power to the people speech!).

Even though this week was emotionally overwhelming, there were some amazing moments. The aforementioned wedding celebration that was just lovely, being the main one. We danced our little hearts out last night and it felt wonderful to celebrate a new marriage. 

On to the list of things I liked this week:

I started my first real full week of work this week. To celebrate I went out and bought a bunch of new work dresses. I stick to the conservative look and work and this dress has gotten rave reviews. 

Joseph and I listened to this interview with Elon Musk on Friday and we were both blown away. It's from earlier this year, but the content will still inspire you if you're interested in space travel, Mars colonization, electric cars, artificial intelligence, etc. 

I read the book Uprooted this week (could not put it down!) and if you like fantasy/coming of age stories I think you'll like it. 

This whole blog post is #thanksgivinggoals as far as I'm concerned. 

I adore the look of this holiday tablescape

These crockpot mashed potatoes will definitely be made sometime this fall. 

I bought these adorable/hilarious Thanksgiving crackers and I can't wait to use them!