Sunday Rambles

Hello and happy Sunday! Here's some interesting things from around the interwebs this week. 

- This shaved carrot and avocado salad is the prettiest! 

- If you're worried about political disagreements over the dinner table during the upcoming holidays, this might be an interesting exercise to do with your friends and loved ones who voted differently than you. 

- Cheers! I'm trying this pomegranate ginger paloma and I think you should too. 

- I've been considering some small earrings, because I've notice larger earrings are giving me a headache, and I thought I'd like to get these adorable amazonite gold dipped studs. Isn't it cute that it says they are sisters, not twins?

- I'm going to take a crack at a few of these mulled wines. They look delicious and like they'd make the house smell good. 

- We recently moved into a new house and we still get the former owner's catalogs. We got one the other day called Soft Surroundings. The entire catalog was like a hug - long bathrobes, spa mittens, fluffy slippers. I just ordered this aromatherapy bunny wrap yesterday. I'm not even kidding. 

- Are you as excited as I am for the four new episodes of Gilmore Girls? I've blocked out a whole day to binge them. 

- The inventor of the cronut has some thoughts on pastries we should make for the holidays. I'm considering the champagne morning rolls. 

- Here's a lovely post about Syrian refugees + a Syrian yogurt and rice soup that sounds simply wonderful. 

For my fellow Americans, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week celebrating with friends and family. I will be on the road a bit, but will try to keep up with regular posting. 

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