Sunday Rambles

 My favorite tree behind our new house!

My favorite tree behind our new house!

This is a new little series I'm going to call Sunday Ramble. Because, a) it will be published on Sundays and b) I love the idea of a ramble as a walk for pleasure and as a way of writing that is either confused or without a clear ending. 

I'll share what I've been reading, weird cat videos that made me laugh, good recipes to try, etc. Without further ado, here was my week:

1. I was at a dinner party last night and someone mentioned this article on Jeffrey, Ina Garten's husband. I really enjoyed reading about his career and how they got their start.

2. I've unlinked the Traffic and Income reports section from my blog - it's still online, but I haven't been keeping up with them and I feel really pressured to continue to be successful in order to publish these reports. To be honest, this month was the most traffic I've ever gotten - thanks to a huge surge from Pinterest - but I also published so few recipes because of the house move and starting a new job. I want there to be excitement and creativity on this blog, not pressure, so for now, I'm pulling back on the I-have-to-make-this-a-succesful-business thing (well at least the part where I'm gushingly public about it).

3. Is this not the best time of year? I am all in on the holidays. We're doing a family Thanksgiving, but I've also been thinking about doing a small Friendsgiving - here's a cute article on how to host one

4. I love listening to podcasts and recently my husband, Joseph, has gotten me into Recode Decode - a tech podcast hosted by Kara Swisher. She recently interviewed Ashton Kutcher and it's been my favorite episode yet - I knew he was a modern-day abolitionist fighting trafficking and child exploitation, but who knew he was such an entrepreneur? So inspiring.  

5. In other podcast news, I am trying to catch up with my backlog of Chopped episodes (which I love!), and I listened to this one about multi-topic blogs with Emma Chapman from A Beautiful Mess the other day. It really inspired me to consider branching out on topics I'm interested in. 

6. May I recommend a weird and wonderful Instagram about healthy food? Secret Squirrel Food. There are great little videos and clever (and easy!) food ideas. 

7. Yes, I'm sharing a Buzzfeed listicle with you - 35 Completely True Facts About Food - like did you know that Betty White is actually older than sliced bread? No, you didn't. This is exactly the sort of weird information I need for dinner party conversation (and you do too).