February 2016 Traffic Report

This is my third traffic report and third month of blogging! I’m really enjoying doing these, because it’s so fun to see the growth of Shiny Happy Bright.

I want to start this one of by saying thank you to all of you who are regularly checking new recipes and sending me kind notes and comments. This has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on, so I’m thrilled to see that other people enjoy it as well.

Traffic and income reports might seem like an odd thing to do, but I think they’re important and helpful for a couple of reasons:

  1. It encourages other bloggers to see areas for growth.
  2. It encourages me to keep going as I see growth, and exposes some areas I need to work on.
  3. It gives non-bloggers an interesting, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run Shiny Happy Bright.

Here’s how Shiny Happy Bright did in February 2016:

Social Media Followers

I've almost doubled my followers on Pinterest, because of an all out campaign to post, post, and post some more! I'm using Tailwind right now to schedule my pins. I pin anywhere from 25 to 40 pins a day and am seeing about 300 repins per day. I pick up a couple new followers each day. I'm focusing on pinning to group boards that have a lot of repins. My personal favorite is the Vegan Community board I'm part of - I love the recipes on it, and it seems like lots of other people do too!

I've been trying to post more photos on Instagram. I'd ideally like to post once a day, but I don't like to post so many photos of the same recipe, and since I only have a new recipe 3 times a week it's really seeming repetitious. I'd appreciate advice on this if you have any!

Twitter still feels kind of weird to me, but I know a lot of people like it and are on it, so I persevere! With Facebook there's a lot of bang for the buck...it's so easy to use and I get lots of traffic from it, even if it's a little less fun than Instagram!

Traffic for February 2016

  • Visits – 3,894
  • Page Views – 10,367
  • Audience Size – 3,130

So, I kind of messed up my Google Analytics account this month and it’s a bit off from my Square Space numbers, so I won’t have screen shots of my traffic till next month. But, the good news is, I saw page views TRIPLE this month! I'm really excited about that.

Top 10 Sources of Traffic

  1. Stumbleupon
  2. Direct
  3. Yummly
  4. Facebook
  5. Tastespotting
  6. Foodgawker
  7. Google
  8. Potluck at Oh My Veggies
  9. Finding Vegan
  10. Pinterest

This month I joined both Stumbleupon and Yummly - and both brought a lot of traffic. It took awhile to get a publisher page on Yummly, but it's really made a difference. A few of my recipes did well on Stumbleupon and my slow cooker black bean chili went crazy - it brought over 1,500 visits alone!

Expense Report

Some of the links below are affiliate links. All of the products and companies listed are ones that I use on a regular basis and highly recommend.

Total spent: $103.98


I didn't make any income this month. I'm not really trying to monetize yet, so overall I'm at -$103.98 for this month.

Submission Sites

I pared down the submission sites this month. I tried to focus on the higher traffic sites just to save some time. We traveled quite a bit this month, so I tried to keep it simple.

Affiliate Programs

In December, I joined the Amazon Affiliate program, which powers my shop. I'm not seeing many visits to my shop, but I think it looks nice, so I've kept it up.

I'm considering joining a few other affiliate programs, but many have requirements about how many months old your blog needs to be, and I'm not quite there yet!

Goals for February 2016

  1. Continue to improve my food photography and experiment with alternative backdrops. I'd like to get more creative with my photos - I feel like they've been pretty simple and I'd like to try some new styles.
  2. Explore designs for a new 'static' homepage. I'd like to move away from my blog roll being the homepage - I want something that's easier for people to click around.

Long-Term Goals

  1. Create high-quality, delicious, and user-friendly recipes with an emphasis on healthy and mostly-vegetarian foods and post them 3 times per week.
  2. Connect with a community of healthy foodies and other bloggers
  3. Create an e-book on simple, 5-ingredient recipes and make it free for download when someone joins the mailing list.
  4. Increase monthly traffic to 50,000 page views by summer 2016 and 100,000 by December 2016.
  5. Grow my newsletter contacts to 500 by summer 2016 and to 1,000 by December 2016.


Thanks for your support in February 2016 - I'm still loving this blog and I hope you are too! It's such a fun project to work on and really encourages me to think of fun, unique recipes I can offer up.