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Banana Bread with Cacao Nibs & Cranberries

You are going to love this banana bread recipe because it’s such a moist and hearty loaf of bread! The addition of the cacao nibs and the cranberries really elevates it with that pop of sweetness and chocolate deliciousness. What I love about this bread is just how moist it is. It’s also got a …

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Chicken Bulgur Bowl Recipe

This nutritious chicken bulgur bowl with dried cranberries, arugula, pears, and wholegrain mustard dressing is a fabulous dinner recipe. These bowls are super filling, because of the bulgur and full of great flavor from the greens, fruit, and chicken. One cool thing about bulgur is that it has fewer calories, less fat, and twice the …

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Corn and Leek Fritters Recipe

This corn and leek fritter recipe is delicious and ready in 30 minutes! These fritters are a perfect breakfast or lunch recipe. They’re vegetarian and gluten-free. This corn and leek fritter recipe was born out of furious scribblings in my ‘ideas’ notebook while I was on a plane watching a Jamie Oliver Superfood TV show. …

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Tempura Vegetables with Ginger Soy Sauce

You are going to love these tempura vegetables with ginger soy sauce. The vegetables are perfectly cooked and coated in total decadence. They’re vegetables, yes, but the batter has a beer and vodka in it and they’re fried in oil. But, sometimes, it’s just worth it. Why You’ll Love this Recipe Tempura veggies are just …

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Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Bites

This pomegranate dark chocolate bites recipe is ridiculously simple and delicious. We are talking three very simple ingredients (chocolate, pomegranates, and sea salt), minimal prep time, and maximum flavor. Pomegranate + Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt + 5 to 8 minutes of your time = fabulous little treats! Why You’ll Love These Pomegranate Dark Chocolate …

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Vegan Buddha Bowl

This delightful vegan buddha bowl is filled with eggplants, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, and butternut squash. This bowl is super healthy and it packs in tons of veggies and combines everything with a delicious mustard sauce. Why You’ll Love this Vegan Buddha Bowl This bowl is primarily roasted veggies, topped with a lovely dressing. It’s …

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