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Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

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This gift guide is full of wonderful gifts for holiday gifts for tea lovers. 

I'm a once or twice a week coffee drinker, but I'll have a cup of tea every day of the week (and sometimes several times a day). I love an afternoon jasmine tea or green tea. And nothing starts my day off better than a turmeric tea.

I don't like boring tea - I'm not going to go wild with a bag of Lipton. Because of this, I have a cabinet of unusual and wonderful teas - like blooming jasmine flowers from China and multiple kinds of matcha from my trip to Japan earlier this year. 

If you (or someone you need to get a gift for) is a tea lover like me, then I think the below items would make a wonderful gift! If you think I'm missing anything from this list, let me know in the comments below!

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The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

I hope you enjoy these fun gifts for tea lovers!