Sunday Rambles

Hey friends! 

It's almost Thanksgiving! Are you getting excited? There are so many good recipes I want to try in the next two weeks, to celebrate all the wonderful produce available this month! I'll link what I'm thinking about making for Thanksgiving below. I'd love to hear what you'll be making!

I'm in the process of winterizing (is that a word?) the garden right now. We're adding hay to protect some of the fledgling plants. We want to take out one of the bushes and put a tree in its place. It's a small area and it needs a dwarf tree. I found this pear tree on sale at my favorite garden store. So I texted it to my husband while we were at work the other day and he wrote back and said did you read how tall it gets? Apparently, 72 feet is not a dwarf tree...womp womp.  No pear trees for me! I'm pretty sure we'll end up getting one of these beauties

The photo above is the wreath we bought today from the garden store! We're hanging it up this afternoon and putting a bunch of evergreen in all the outside pots. 

As usual, I have a fairly expansive Christmas gift list spreadsheet going. I typically start it in October and try to get a handle on all the weird little stuff I've picked up for family and friends throughout the year. My trip to Japan earlier this year resulted in some truly odd purchases which I will not mention here, for fear of my dad and/or brother reading about them. Let's just say the visit to the TOTO (basically a fancy toilet company) museum yielded some unusual gifts.

Anyways, this Christmas gift list has spurred me on to produce a bit more in my pottery class. I've been a mug-making-machine the last few weeks. I'm considering doing a roundup of gifts you can give people in mugs, because I'm going to have about 12 of them to give out this year! 

How do you plan for gift giving? I'm going to share an alternative Christmas gift guide in December - which will include unusual, unique gifts plus great ways to support charity while also giving a gift. 

I have a few other gift guides out this month. One is a Pantone Greenery Kitchen Gift Guide and the other is a Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

As promised, here are the recipes I want to make for Thanksgiving:

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