Sunday Rambles

It finally feels like fall! I'm currently wearing a puffy, grey sweater and dreaming about lots of pasta recipes I can make for the blog. My husband very kindly reminded me we are trying to eat fewer carbs and more veggies...sigh (there's still a pasta recipe coming out later this week though because I live for carbs!)

I've been listening to so much of the Planet Money podcast. This one on Qatar (although a few months old) is honestly just the best. I also really enjoyed the one about spies! Do you have any favorite podcasts? I also listen to Smart Passive Income, Recode Decode (Recode also has a "Replay" podcast of their Code Conference and Kara Swisher interviews Elon Musk - to this day the best podcast I've ever heard), and Too Embarrassed to Ask

All my fall TV shows are back on which is so nice. Faves include Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family. I was really into Outlander for awhile but it got so dark. I've heard it's been great this past season though so perhaps I'll pick it up again. What's your favorite show?

 I need to stop buying succulents! :) 

I need to stop buying succulents! :) 

I've got a bunch of cookbooks on my Amazon wishlist right now, including:

  • Sweet by Ottolenghi (the Eater write-up looks promising)
  • Taste & Technique: Recipes to Elevate your Home Cooking (I flipped through this one at our local bookstore and it looks incredibly substantial and full of good tips)
  • East/West: A Culinary Journey Through Malta, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, and Andalucia (Again, flipped through this one at the bookstore and it looks like a bunch of solid Middle Eastern recipes)

I've mentioned before my obsession with the YA fantasy novel series Throne of Glass, I finally finished the latest installment called Tower of Dawn. I've been absolutely shattered this weekend because I stayed up way too late reading it. Why are books so hard to put down at 1 am?

I made a carved pumpkin out of clay this week at pottery class. It looks absolutely ridiculous but also kind of cute. Pictures to come soon. I've been watching a bunch of pottery videos and this one about bubble glaze looks so fun - I need to try it. 

Hope you have a great week! 

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