Sunday Rambles

Hello, friend! I hope you had a great week. It's *finally* getting a little chilly here and some of the trees are very colorful. I went pumpkin picking this weekend and got some carving pumpkins + gourds!

I've been working on a ceramic pumpkin in my pottery class (pictured below). I was going for cute but it's looking a little derpy. Either way, I kinda love it. I'll get to glaze it in a few days, so it should be ready for Halloween!

ceramic pumpkin

Are you giving out candy for Halloween this year? If so, check out this way great way to support kids with food allergies. I found a bunch of small sets of bubbles to give to kids this year; last year I did Halloween pencils and little finger monsters

I read a great article this week that I think you might like. It's about building, rather than 'finding' your purpose and how we are so focused on finding PURPOSE, we miss the multitude of purposes we have. 

I'm working on a bunch of posts that will highlight unique spices. I'm going to start with turmeric, urfa biber, and sumac. If you have any spices you'd like me to write about, let me know - I'd love to hear about what you are interested in! 

Finally, here are a bunch of recipes from some of my favorite bloggers that I'm excited to try!