Sunday Rambles

Hello, friend! Thanks for stopping by for another Sunday Ramble. It's gotten downright chilly this week and I'm desperately trying to not eat all the Halloween candy that's been stockpiled for the trick-or-treaters (so far this has not been super successful...) 

It's also the time of year I start rewatching all the Harry Potter movies (I basically just burrow and watch movies once it gets cold). I'm 3 movies into the series and on track to watch the rest in the next two weeks. You gotta set goals, ya know?

Are you watching Chef's Table on Netflix? I've started season 3 and it's awesome! My favorite episode from season 1 was on Magnus Nilsson who is head chef at Fäviken in Sweden (this is one of my bucket list restaurants). I loved a bunch of the season 2, but I really liked the Alex Atala episode - possibly because he uses ants in his cooking (why does he make ants look so tasty?!). I haven't binged all of season 3 yet, but the episode that profiles Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan is both gorgeous and riveting. 

I've been looking for a bunch of recipes to try this week, in addition to some pork tenderloins with fennel I'm going to make, I'm thinking about these:

What are you thinking about making this week? I'd love to hear if you have any great fall recipe recommendations!

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