Why I renamed and rebranded this blog - welcome to This Healthy Table

Dear friends, 

First, I want to begin by saying how much I appreciate all of you who read this blog! It has grown to be something I'm so proud of and always look forward to working on. As it's grown, I've been conscious of how scattered I was when I started this project. 

My husband (Joseph) and I were on vacation in Vietnam and I couldn't fall asleep one night because of jet lag and I dreamed up this awesome idea for a blog that included funny t-shirts, DIY projects, recipes, and loads of other content. When I started working on the blog, I realized a) I do not have time to produce all this content and b) I really LOVE food. But, I had already named the blog Shiny Happy Bright. It was all the things I wanted the blog to be - fun and happy and creative. 

I'm a year and a half into this little blogging adventure and I've realized a couple things:

  1. This blog isn't about me. It's not "ta-da! look at this pretty thing I made", instead, it's about you and me together. It's about deciding to make a healthy choice and cook dinner at home after a long day, instead of getting on Grubhub or swinging by Chipotle (which no shame, I did this week). It's also about summer BBQs and fall holidays and the food we make to share with friends and family.  
  2. I want this blog to be an invitation to dinner, to lunch, to try something new, to sit down at the table together. 
  3. I want this blog to reflect both you and me. 
  4. I've known for awhile that the name Shiny Happy Bright was no longer working for this blog. People don't know what it means, and even though I love it, it just wasn't making sense. 
  5. In order to connect with all of you in a way that is both authentic and clear what this blog is about - I had to rename it and will be starting a rebranding process (new logo, new colors, new message - but still loads of recipes!)
  6. It's going to be messy around here for awhile (I know some of the links might not work!), but I've renamed my social media accounts and this blog. For now, everything will still reroute from Shiny Happy Bright, till my IT guru of a husband and I can spend some time fixing it.

So welcome to This Healthy Table and I hope you join me in partaking in great recipes and sharing good food with the people we love. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I change everything from the color scheme to content of recipes (I've added nutrition details now - thanks to all your feedback!). 

with love, 


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Emily Wilson