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Hello Instagram Friends!

Whipped cottage cheese topped with berries and granola.

Welcome to This Healthy Table! It's a pleasure to have you here. This Healthy Table is a place for all of us. It’s an invitation to dinner, to lunch, to try something new, to sit down at the table together. 

See all of our recipes here, or check out some of our popular posts.

Dinner Inspiration

Looking for some dinner inspiration? Here are our main meal recipes. Looking for a seasonal salad - check out all our favorite salad recipes here. 

Love plant-based cooking? Check out all of our vegan recipes and our vegetarian recipes

Spice Guides

Do you love cooking with spices? Check out our spice guides. We feature spices and spice blends from around the world and they’re some of our most popular posts. 

Gift Guides

Need a gift for a friend (or maybe just something fun for you)? We have some incredibly popular gift guides on THT.