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This Healthy Table is a resource for home cooks who like adventurous, seasonal recipes. We take food and good ingredients seriously.

THT is for people who like cooking with spices, are willing to try unique flavor combinations, and who love seasonal produce!

We provide lots of vegan and vegetarian recipes but are not a specifically plant-based blog. In fact, some of our most popular recipes are pescatarian. Some of our favorite posts include:

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About the Creator

Emily Wilson founded this Healthy Table in late 2015 as a way to share new recipes she was learning in her quest to host impressive but easy dinner parties.

Emily grew up between the Middle East and the Midwest and takes culinary inspiration from the five countries she's lived in and the 30+ countries she's visited.

In 2016, Emily moved back to the US, where she currently resides in Illinois (in a burb just outside of Chicago!).

You can find her spending too much time at the local farmer's market and making about three trips a week to Whole Foods because you know she forgot to add chipotle peppers to the grocery list.