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These kitchen and cooking guides share essential knowledge for home cooks and people who love food. Our best advice for your cooking adventures.

31 Things to Dip in Chocolate

Wondering what you should dip in chocolate? I've got a list of 31 things that pair wonderfully with chocolate. Some are savory, some are sweet, and they're all improved with chocolate. We've got recommendations for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate pairings. What to Pair with Chocolate Here are some of my favorite things …

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What's in Season in September?

September is the start of the harvest season. Some wonderful fruit and vegetables are at their peak this month. As summer ends and fall begins there's a great overlap of summer produce like late-season tomatoes and zucchini with early fall produce like pumpkins and radishes. Whether you are holding on to the last fleeting moments …

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How to Caramelize Onions

Caramelized onions are onions that have been slowly cooked to develop their flavor. Here's how to caramelize onions Essentially the natural sugars break down in the onion, leading to rich and sweet onions that are almost jammy. They're a welcome addition to so many recipes - but especially famous in French onion soup and burgers. …

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