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These kitchen and cooking guides share essential knowledge for home cooks and people who love food. Our best advice for your cooking adventures.

16 Beef Broth Substitute Ideas

If you're wondering what to substitute for beef broth, we've got 15 great ideas for you! Beef broth is a savory liquid flavored with beef pieces, vegetables, and spices that is typically used in soups, sauces, casseroles, and other dishes.  Beef stock and broth are very similar (both have beef pieces and vegetables simmered in …

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How to Tell if Cauliflower Has Gone Bad (with photos!)

Cauliflower is one of the best and most versatile vegetables. It's important to know how to tell if cauliflower has gone bad and if it should be discarded. Not all spots on a cauliflower mean it's unsafe to eat, so we'll tell you how to know the difference! Old, rotten cauliflower doesn't taste good and …

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Thanksgiving Turkey Injection Recipe

This delicious Thanksgiving turkey injection recipe is great for a whole turkey or turkey breast. Your turkey will be the juiciest bird and have the most flavorful meat when you use this combination of butter and stock mixture. Save yourself from dry turkey with this injection mix! This injectable marinade has loads of flavor. It's …

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Healthy Starbucks Christmas Drinks

If you're wondering how to order a delicious, healthy Starbucks Christmas drink this holiday season - I have two great options for you! You can get either of these iced or hot (I've tried them both ways and they taste great either way). Healthy Chestnut Praline Latte 144 calories Order the following: Grand 16 fl …

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31 Things to Dip in Chocolate

Wondering what you should dip in chocolate? I've got a list of 31 things that pair wonderfully with chocolate. Some are savory, some are sweet, and they're all improved with chocolate. We've got recommendations for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate pairings. What to Pair with Chocolate Here are some of my favorite things …

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