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What Do Figs Taste Like?

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Have you ever wondered exactly what figs taste like?

I’ll explain the different types and their tastes, as well as how to use figs and important things to know about them.

Typical Fig Taste

Figs have edible outer skin that is mild and a juicy, sweet interior. They often have floral notes and can taste like honey.

The inside is soft and squishy. Depending on the type of fig (see below) it might be syrupy sweet as well. Some types of figs have a milder sweetness level, but the overwhelming taste of a ripe fig will always be sweet.

Common Types of Figs

Black Mission Figs - these small figs might also be labeled black figs as well. Black Mission Figs are very sweet and juicy. They have more syrupy juicy inside. They're great on a cheese board or paired with savory items like nuts.

Brown Turkey Figs - a larger fig variety with a brownish-purple skin and a slightly paler pink interior. These are less sweet than Black Mission Figs, but still good when eaten raw. They are great in salads or in jams and jellies.

Kadota Figs - also commonly labeled as green figs, these are smaller green-yellow skinned figs. They're less sweet than other varieties. They are good raw, but not as delicious as the other two types of figs. Use them in baked goods.

Brown, green, and black figs.

How to tell when a fig is ripe?

A fig is ripe when it is slightly squishy - it will feel like a half-filled water balloon.

When testing figs, don't squeeze them too hard or they may burst. Gently prod them to see if there is give to the flesh.

If there is obvious bruising or they are leaking juice, they may be overripe and have a brown interior, and taste less sweet.

Figs sliced in half on a cutting board.

More Fig FAQs

Is the skin of a fig edible?

Yes, the skin of a fig is edible. It won't be as sweet as the interior but they still taste mild and pleasant.

How to eat a fig?

You can eat a fig raw as a snack or at it to a salad. You can also use them in baked goods like cakes and tarts or make them into a jam.

Serve them on a cheese board or charcuterie board. You can dry them and eat them as a sweet snack.

Can you eat the stem of a fig?

If your fig is very fresh or just off the tree, the stem might be soft enough to eat.

If the fig is older and the stem is woody and tough, it's not good for eating. You should cut it off or tear it off before eating the rest of the fig.

When are figs in season?

Figs are in season from late summer through fall.

Several figs cut in half.

Fig Recipes

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