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Ful Medames (Egyptian Fava Beans)

This delicious ful medames recipe (also called foul mudammas and foule mudammes) is filling, comforting, rich, and delicious. Ful medames is a fabulous dish of fava beans, onions, and spices that are simmered until tender and then blended. Serve it with warm, toasty pita bread and cut veggies for a delicious meal. What is Ful Medames? Ful …

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Mediterranean Chicken Salad

This Mediterranean chicken salad is everything you need in an easy, quick weeknight meal. It's full of delicious flavors - artichokes, bell peppers, beans, chickpeas - it has everything. It's also incredibly filling and makes 8 servings, so you can save some for lunch the next day! Why You'll Love this Mediterranean Chicken Salad Recipe …

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Mujaddara Recipe

Mujaddara is a delicious, vegan recipe made with lentils, fried onions, and rice. It's a fantastic Middle Eastern recipe that's total comfort food. The Levant region of the Middle East (the Eastern Mediterranean countries) has some of the best food in the world, like rice, cucumbers, mint leaves, pomegranate, tons of spices, olives, hummus, etc.  …

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Adorable Heart Fruit Skewers

Are you in need of a healthy snack for Valentine's Day? These ridiculously cute and easy skewers are quick to make and fun to eat! You can use strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew, and blueberries to make these. Valentine's Day Treat Inspiration If you’re looking for other Valentine’s Day inspiration, check these out: Pomegranate Dark Chocolate …

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21 Delicious Pescetarian Recipes

If you're looking for pescetarian recipes and pescetarian meals, we have some awesome recipes for you! These delicious fish and seafood recipes are great for healthy, easy dinners. If you're nervous about cooking fish, then you'll appreciate how easy and approachable these recipes are. And, if you're looking for a few new fish or seafood …

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Coconut Crusted Tilapia

This coconut crusted tilapia recipe is richly flavorful and wonderfully spiced. You can make this recipe with any white fish fillet, but we chose tilapia because it's abundant and reasonably priced! How to Chose the Best White Fish White fish is a generic term that encompasses several types of fish, that tend to be plentiful, quick-cooking, …

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