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10 Delicious Recipes with Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard is a delicious, slightly bitter leafy green vegetable that we can't get enough of! It adds great flavor to so many recipes - like soups, salads, and side dishes.

We're sharing some of our favorite swiss chard recipes that we think you'll love.

rainbow chard

Swiss chard is a nutrient-dense powerhouse and can be used in recipes in place of kale or spinach. Sautéeing swiss chard is a wonderful way to enjoy it, but you can also use it in several other recipes. Check out some of our favorites.

Awesome Recipes with Swiss Chard

Is swiss chard good for you?

Swiss chard is incredibly good for you - it's nutritionally dense and a good source of several vitamins and minerals, as well as being low in calories (source). In general, dark leafy greens like swiss chard are some of the most nutritional foods available to us.

When is swiss chard in season?

Swiss chard is in season from August to November.

How to choose the best swiss chard

The best chard will have dark green leaves, with no yellow or brown spots. The stems should be firm and unbruised.

How to know when swiss chard has gone bad?

If the chard leaves have brown or yellow spots, they are past their prime. If the stalks feel mushy, bruised, or sticky the chard has gone bad.

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