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20 Recipes with Beets

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We love beets! These recipes with beets are all tasty, healthy, and showcase the earthy, rich tones of beets.

These beet recipes include beet salads, roasted beets, and beet side dishes. Beets are best in the colder months, and many of these recipes are great for the holidays. They'd make excellent Thanksgiving or Christmas side dishes.

Beets, like most root vegetables, are hearty and filling. But they're also nutrient-dense, making them a great choice for healthy winter eating.

Recipes with Beets

Are beets good for you?

Beets are good for you! They're nutrient-rich, improve digestive health, can help fight inflammation, and may help support brain health (source).

When are beets in season?

Beets, like many root vegetables, are in season in winter. Beet season starts in November and continues through the colder months, although you can usually find red beets in supermarkets year-round.

What are the best beets to buy?

Beets come in a range of sizes and colors - with red beets being the most ubiquitous.

The four most common beets are red beets (dark red color with a sweet flavor), golden beats (yellow color with a mellow earthy flavor), Chioggia beets (naturally striped, usually red and white), and baby beets (these are just beets that have been harvested earlier and are smaller).

All types of beets are good - if you want sweet beets get red ones and if you want an earthy, mellow flavor get golden beets. Chioggia beets look amazing in salads!

How to know when beets have gone bad?

The easiest way to tell if beets have gone bad is the texture. They'll be softer to the touch. There might also be mold, in which case you should throw it away.

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