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Recipes with beef. Ground beef, steaks, and more.

Thai Green Curry Meatballs

These Thai green curry meatballs with carrots are a healthier dinner recipe you're going to love. The meatballs get browned and then finished in a creamy coconut sauce. Why You’ll Love these Meatballs If you like fresh flavors like ginger, coconut milk, and Thai curry you're going to love these meatballs. They're super flavorful and …

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Turkish Stuffed Eggplant (Karniyarik)

This fantastic Turkish recipe, called karniyarik, is stuffed eggplant with ground beef, pepper, and tomato. It's a wonderfully hearty dinner recipe. Karniyarik means "split belly" in Turkish, referencing the split of the eggplant that's stuffed with ground meat and peppers. This recipe does require several steps, but it's relatively easy and straightforward to make. If …

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