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Can I use one of your photos?

You are welcome to republish one photo on your website, blog, or publication with a "do-follow" link to the recipe or post you pulled it from. If you are not willing to provide a "do-follow" link you may not use the photo. Please do not reprint the recipe or ingredients list on your site.

Will you accept a free product in exchange for a review?

We cannot guarantee a review in exchange for an item. We are happy to consider food products or kitchen equipment, but will not review or promote any item we don't wholeheartedly support.

We do not provide "do-follow" links in exchange for products.

What brands will you work with?

I am open to working with companies on sponsored content that fits the needs of my readers. If you're interested in working with This Healthy Table, please visit the Work With Me page.

Can I reprint your recipe?

No, please do not republish any recipes from This Healthy Table.

I'm a blogger/website owner, can you link to my site?

No thanks, we get so many of these requests and can't keep up with them.

Can I guest post on your site?

We do not accept guest posts on This Healthy Table.

Can you publish this article on your site?

No, thanks! We don't publish other people's articles for money or in exchange for backlinks.

Will you review cookbooks?

For sure! Especially if they're from fellow bloggers.

Will you promote diet supplements?

No, thanks! We don’t promote weight loss supplements, medicinal products, or herbal remedies.