13 Easy & Delicious Pescetarian Recipes


For several years after I got serious about cooking, I was still nervous to cook fish. It seemed like there was a multitude of ways to mess it up. Part of conquering that fear was seeing multiple friends easily and quickly pull together a quick dinner with some salmon and fresh veggies. I started with salmon and haven’t looked back. 

If you’re looking for a few new fish or seafood recipes, then this list of recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers is perfect for you! There are, of course, a bunch of salmon recipes, but I’m also featuring tuna, shrimp, sea bass, tilapia, and halibut recipes. 

I hope you enjoy these healthy pescetarian recipes. If you have any favorite pescetarian meals, please share them in the comments below! If you need even more pescetarian meal ideas, follow my Fish & Seafood board on Pinterest!

The Benefits of a Pescetarian Diet

A pescetarian diet is essentially a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish. A healthy pescetarian diet includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and fish (freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish). It’s very similar to the Mediterranean Diet – which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. The Mayo Clinic recommends eating one to two servings of fish a week – the omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body, contribute to heart health, and may lower cholesterol (source).

Salmon with Blueberries from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

The blueberry sauce is rich and creamy and adds a real depth of flavor to the salmon.

salmon and blueberries

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl from Jessica Gavin. Get the recipe here.

This recipe is fresh & Delicious – It’s a perfect pescetarian lunch.

Mediterranean Spiced Salmon & Vegetable Quinoa from Jessica Gavin. Get the recipe here.

The spices in this salmon recipe take it to the next level.

The Everything Salmon Salad Niçoise from This Healthy Table. Get the Recipe here.

The perfect pescetarian brunch option!

Salmon Salad Niçoise on a platter

Poached Sea Bass from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

Ready in just a few minutes, this poached sea bass recipe is going to be one of your favorites.

poached sea bass in a pan

Blackened Tilapia Salad from Eat Something Delicious. Get the recipe here.

This tilapia salad really hits the spot!

Grilled Shrimp and Endives Recipe from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

This pesto shrimp recipe is ready in under 30 minutes!

Grilled Shrimp and Endives Recipe

Pecan Crusted Salmon from B. Britnell. Get the recipe here.

The combination of pecans and salmon is truly delightful.

Roasted Eggplant and Shrimp from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

This shrimp dish is so full of flavor!

eggplant and shrimp on a sheet pan
This healthy shrimp and eggplant tray bake recipe is so flavorful!

Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice from Ease and Carrots. Get the recipe here.

You’ll love the flavor combinations of this Recipe.

Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice

Cara Cara Orange Salmon with Lentils from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

Zesty and fresh, this salmon and orange dish is a great weeknight meal.

oranges, salmon, greens, lentils in a bowl

Baked Lemon Dill Salmon from Ahu Eats. Get the recipe here.

The classic dill and salmon flavor pairing does not disappoint.

Spinach & Feta Stuffed Salmon from This Healthy Table. Get the recipe here.

This salmon and feta recipe is ridiculously easy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pescetarian meal ideas!

Pescetarian Diet Food List

When considering what fish to buy on a pescetarian diet, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Fatty fish like salmon, lake trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, and tuna contain the most omega-3 fatty acids – although most seafood contains some omega-3s (source).

If you are concerned about mercury levels in fish, consult this Harvard Medical School article on which fish might have more mercury and if you should consider cutting back on certain types of fish.

Finally, some seafood is endangered or overfished. In order to make sure you are eating fish sustainably, download the excellent Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch App and consult it before you grocery shop.

Pescetarian Cookbooks

If you like these recipes, I think you’ll like these cookbooks: The Flexible Vegetarian: Flexitarian recipes to cook with or without meat or fish, The Pescetarian Plan: The Vegetarian + Seafood Way to Lose Weight and Love Your Food, and The Pescatarian Cookbook: The Essential Kitchen Companion.

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