DIY Orange Peel Ornaments


These DIY orange peel ornaments are ridiculously easy to make! They’d be a fun little project to make with kids. The orange peels dry out over a few days but keep their vibrant color. 

1. Peel an orange, by cutting off both ends and running a knife from end to end. Carefully pull the peel off, trying to keep it as intact as possible. Cut it into two to three pieces. 

2. Using a small (1 inch) cookie cutter, cut out shapes from the peel. 

3. With a metal pin or end of a knife, create holes in the top of each orange peel cutout. 

4. Cut twine or ribbon and thread it through the holes in the cutouts. Tie it to complete the ornament!

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY orange peel ornaments! I think they’re ridiculously cute and they smell great!

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