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Recipes with fish and seafood.

Pan-Seared Scallops with Edamame & Peas

This scallops with peas and edamame recipe is ready in about 25 minutes and tastes so fresh and delicious! Pan-searing the scallops brings out their flavor and develops a delightful crust on them. Scallops cook quickly and have a reputation for being a bit finicky, but I'll show you how to cook them to perfection. …

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Barramundi with Mango Slaw

This barramundi recipe with mango slaw is a wonderfully flavorful pescetarian meal. Barramundi is a sustainable, Asian sea bass that has a mild, buttery flavor that pairs extremely well with a crunchy, juicy slaw. What is Barramundi? Barramundi is a white fish commonly found in South Asia and Australian waters. It's used in Australian, Thai, Indian, …

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Coconut Crusted Tilapia

This coconut crusted tilapia recipe is richly flavorful and wonderfully spiced. You can make this recipe with any white fish fillet, but we chose tilapia because it's abundant and reasonably priced! How to Chose the Best White Fish White fish is a generic term that encompasses several types of fish, that tend to be plentiful, quick-cooking, …

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