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Food Trend Predictions for 2024

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Want to know what the next 'girl dinner' will be? 2024 will bring loads of new food trends, and I've got a few I think are about to pop off!

I've spent the last three years absolutely enthralled with trending food on TikTok - it's without a doubt the best place to see what's going viral.

A graphic of three photos for trending food.

Inexpensive Luxuries

While 2020 to 2021 saw us indulging in charcuterie boards and salami roses and caviar went viral in 2022, we moved into a new era of cost-conscious snacking in 2023 with tinned fish boards.

2024 will continue focusing on inexpensive luxuries - fancy but affordable snacks, unusual chocolate and candy flavors, and unique condiments.

Non Alcoholic Beverages and Sober Curiosity

Alcohol-free bevies are here to stay! As younger gens drink less and new research shows even smaller amounts of alcohol aren't great for us, NA drinks and cocktails will be even more popular at restaurants and parties.

I expect to see alcohol-free bars, dance nights, and tasting menus. With the Athletic Brewing Co making actually good-tasting NA beer, we'll see the OG brewers fight to make a better brew for the sober crew.

Additionally, we will get canned cocktails that taste great and look cute served in pretty glasses. Because the mini-ice and unusually shaped ice trend is going nowhere - people will love feeling fancy pouring a mocktail into a glass.

Beans & Legumes Take Center Stage

With plant-focused eating on the rise and the increased cost of meat prices, we will continue to see veggie meals increase in popularity. While 2021 was all about the vegetarian pasta dishes with the viral baked feta pasta, 2022 and 2023 saw the explosion of chickpea and butter bean dishes.

2024 is poised to be the year of the lentil (as well as seeing the continuing popularity of butter beans, chickpeas, white beans, etc).

Stone Soup Potlucks

Potlucks will be the new dinner party! With rising prices and consumers being conscious about their grocery spending, we'll see Gen Z and millennials hosting via potluck.

Whether it's a themed night like 'everyone brings a board' with charcuterie boards, sandwich boards, nacho boards, etc; or the host provides the main and everyone brings sides, we'll see all types of potlucks.

My favorite is the stone soup potluck, where the host makes a great broth and assigns ingredients for their guests - hotpot for all!

Condiment Craze

Spicy condiments and chili oils have ruled the last few years and 2024 will bring even more of a condiment craze!

I'm predicting this year's big condiment will be mustard - specifically unusual flavors and brands of mustard. One of my favorite brands, Edmond Fallot, with its Dijon walnut mustard, will be a hit.

New to You Global Cuisines

We saw Asian flavors surge in 2022 and 2023 with smashed cucumber salads and kimchi, viral TikTok ramen recipes, gochujang, and homemade chili oils.

2024 will see even more Asian condiments and dishes, like furikake, trend, but a few more global cuisines will also be a hit this year.

This year, we'll see Caribbean, Mexican, Filipino, and North African flavors trend. We'll see more unusual dishes take center stage - 2021 was the year birria went mainstream, and we'll get even more of that this year.

I'm looking for trending stews and soups, rice dishes, and fun flavors like tamarind and ras el hanout to become popular. I think we'll see many people trying lumpia, tajines, and jerk chicken.

Savory Botanicals & Edible Flowers

Sweet flowers like violas, jasmine, and elderflower have risen in popularity in the last several years. From elderflower cocktails to violet-studded shortbread cookies, edible flowers are fun for cooking and baking!

This year, it's time for the savory flowers to have a moment; peppery botanicals like nasturtium and marigold will surge in popularity as they can be used to flavor dips and chips.