Quick & Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

This recipes are a compilation of my favorite quick and easy chicken recipes. These recipes can all be made in around 30 minutes or less - so they are perfect weeknight meals. 

I want my weeknight dinners to be beautiful and healthy, but I also want them within reach. By within reach, I mean I want recipes that don't require hours of finicky work or difficult to source ingredients. I think you will find the following recipes meet all those criteria. Enjoy!

Quick & Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta from This Healthy Table

This easy lemon chicken pasta is full of flavor! It's a delicious, weeknight meal that you will love. The bright flavor of the lemon, mixed with the subtle leeks, spinach, and parmesan is unbelievably good!

Easy Mediterranean Chicken Salad

This Mediterranean chicken salad is everything you need in an easy, quick weeknight meal. It's full of delicious flavors - artichokes, bell peppers, beans, chickpeas - it has everything.

Thai Red Curry Chicken Skewers

These Thai red curry chicken skewers are easy, gluten free, delicious, and healthy.

Orzo Salad with Chicken, Bell Peppers, & Olives

This delicious orzo salad with shredded chicken, bell peppers, olives, and a wholegrain mustard dressing is a great weeknight meal.

Chicken Bulgur Bowl from Shiny Happy Bright - easy, chicken recipes in under 30 minutes.

Hello, delicious, nutritious bulgur chicken bowls with dried cranberries, arugula, pears, and a wholegrain mustard dressing. These bowls are super filling, because of the bulgur.

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