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Aleppo Pepper

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What is Aleppo Pepper?

Aleppo pepper (or Halaby pepper) is a Middle Eastern spice made from a dried chili pepper that's crushed into flakes. It's similar to an Ancho chili in terms of heat and has undertones of sweetness and a raisin-like flavor.

It's named after the Syrian city of Aleppo although it's also grown in Turkey. Good Aleppo pepper will have a certain oiliness to it, meaning the flakes are fresher.

Recipes Using Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo pepper is a popular ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. It's often used as a rub for chicken or incorporated into sauces. Because it's a milder chili, it can be used to finish a dish, similar to red pepper flakes.

Where to Buy Aleppo Pepper?

We recommend these Aleppo Peppers from The Spice House. It's the brand we use in our recipes.

If you'd prefer to get it on Amazon, we also like these Aleppo Pepper Flakes.

Aleppo Pepper Substitutions

If you can't find Aleppo Pepper, you can subsitute either red pepper flakes or a mixture of 3 parts sweet paprika to one part cayenne powder.

Is Aleppo Pepper the same as Isot Pepper?

Aleppo Pepper and Isot Pepper (or Urfa Biber) are similar but not the same. Both are dried, crushed chili flakes commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, but Isot Pepper has a smokier, deeper flavor than Aleppo Pepper.

Isot Pepper has undertones of coffee and chocolate while Aleppo Pepper is known for it's fruity, sun-dried tomato undertones.

More Middle Eastern Spices to Try

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  • Ras el Hanout Blend - a spice blend used in tagines, soups, rice dishes, and on vegetables. In Arabic, Ras el Hanout means “head of the shop”, a phrase that basically means top-shelf, signifying that this spice blend is the best thing in the shop. 
  • Za'atar Spice Blend - made from a herb mixture usually containing thyme, sumac, cumin, salt, and other spices. It’s used extensively throughout the Levant countries as a topping for Arabic pita bread, meat, yogurt, hummus, and salads.
  • Sumac - has a tangy flavor that tastes lemony but is less intense than fresh lemon juice. The spice can be used as a dry rub, in marinades, or sprinkled on top of salads or sauces – it adds a beautiful pop of color to dishes.