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How to Use Juniper Berries

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What are Juniper Berries?

Juniper berries are a small round berry that grow on conifers. They’re most notably known for flavoring gin. They have a piney, fresh flavor that’s often used in Scandinavian and Eastern European cuisine. 

All juniper shrubs and trees grow these berries, but some are too bitter or toxic to eat. You can forage for juniper berries, but make sure to check that they are one of the edible kinds.

Personally, I buy them from a reputable source, just to make sure I have the right berry!

Juniper berries are quite potent and have been used for their medicinal purposes for hundreds of years - they’re a great source of vitamin C (like most berries), known for their anti-inflammatory effects as well as their antibacterial properties. (source)

juniper berries in a large spoon

Uses for Juniper Berries

Because of their strong flavor, juniper berries aren't eaten on their own like other berries. Rather, they're used like a spice or a flavoring for a dish. The most prevalent way they're used is to flavor gin.

Other uses for juniper berries include in teas, meat dishes, brines, and in sauerkraut.

Recipes Using Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are a popular ingredient in many Eastern European and Scandinavian dishes. Here are some of our favorite recipes with juniper berries.

Where to Buy Juniper Berries?

We recommend the juniper berries from The Spice House. It's the brand we use in our recipes.

If you'd prefer to get it on Amazon, we also like these juniper berries from Spice Way.

Juniper Berries Substitutions

If you can't find juniper berries, you can substitute rosemary or black pepper - they have similar flavor profiles.

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