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Recipes with Mint (How to use Leftover Mint)

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If you're looking for ways to use up leftover mint or you've got a bunch of mint in your garden, I've got lots of mint recipes for you!

I love cooking with mint and using it in drinks because it's such a refreshing and zippy herb.

If you grow your own mint, you know it can absolutely explode. It's actually an invasive ground cover and is hard to control if you plant it directly in the ground (hence why I grown my mint plant in a pot!)

Cuisines around the world use mint in all sorts of ways - it's often used in desserts, chutneys, sauces, and to flavor meat. Here are some ideas I hope you'll be able to use!

An overhead shot of grilled pineapple with lime mint sauce on a white serving dish.

Recipes with Mint

These recipes use varying amounts of mint, but I've tried to note the ones that use at least a handful (about ½ cup) of the herb.

Dessert Recipes with Mint

Savory Recipes with Mint

Drinks with Mint

  1. Mint Juleps - an iconic bourbon cocktail that's sweet and herbal.
  2. Mojitos - a refreshing, summery cocktail with lots of mint.
  3. Whiskey Smash - a tangy and refreshing cocktail that's like a citrus julep.
  4. Spa Water - combine lemon and mint for a refreshing spa water.
Closeup of a strawberry cucumber salad in a white serving dish with a silver spoon.