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11 Spectacular Salads with Grapes

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Delicious and juicy grapes are a welcome ingredient in so many dishes, but salads can be especially delicious with grapes.

We’re sharing our favorite salads with grapes. Grape salads come in a few different varieties, there’s the classic Waldorf salad (fruit and nuts in a mayonnaise dressing), a chicken and grape salad (usually used for sandwiches), green salads with grapes (often containing brussels sprouts or arugula), and fruit salads with grapes (usually with a variety of chopped fruit).

Grapes can add great flavor and juiciness. There are multiple types of grapes you can choose from.

Most supermarkets carry at least one red and one green grape variety. We hope you enjoy these recipes for grape salad.

Salad with Grapes

How to Choose the Best Grapes

Grapes are best when you check a few things before you buy them!

  1. The grape texture should be firm and plump with no visible wrinkling.
  2. The grape stem should be green and firm, brown stems indicate they are older and may already be too sour.
  3. Choose grapes that are in season. Here’s a great guide on grapes varieties and their peak seasons.
  4. Do not wash your grapes before storing them in the refrigerator – it will lead to them molding. Rinse them thoroughly before eating them.

Are grapes good for you?

Yes, grapes are a healthy fruit! Even though they do have a higher sugar content they have a low glycemic index – meaning they don’t raise blood sugar. Grapes contain several important nutrients and are high in antioxidants.

Are grapes berries?

Grapes are technically a kind of berry, although they may not commonly be considered berries.

A botanical berry is a fruit that is fleshy the entire way through and does have a pit (although they may have seeds or pips).

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