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These healthy, seasonal vegan recipes are produce heavy. We focus on the bounty of each season and showcasing recipes that are plant-based.

Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

These healthy blueberry breakfast cookies will be your new favorite breakfast recipe. They're high in fiber with healthy fats and no refined sugar - but they taste delicious and are a fun way to start the day! These delicious blueberry oatmeal breakfast cookies are one of our family favorites. They're great for an on-the-go breakfast …

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Ful Medames (Egyptian Fava Beans)

This delicious ful medames recipe (also called foul mudammas and foule mudammes) is filling, comforting, rich, and delicious. Ful medames is a fabulous dish of creamy fava beans, onions, and spices that are simmered until tender and then blended. Serve it with warm, toasty pita bread and cut veggies for a delicious meal. It will be welcomed …

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Cauliflower Chickpea Curry

This wonderful cauliflower chickpea curry recipe is total comfort food. It's a well-spiced, warming meal. This dish is naturally vegan and gluten-free. It keeps well in the refrigerator for several days - it's perfect for leftovers. Enjoy it for dinner tonight and eat it for lunch tomorrow! You're going to love the rich flavors of …

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Roasted Purple Cauliflower

This delicious roasted purple cauliflower recipe is an excellent side dish! You can also add the roasted cauliflower to a salad or grain bowl. This recipe is as tasty as it is pretty! Purple cauliflower, which grows naturally, tastes the same as regular cauliflower but it's higher in antioxidants. You're going to love this easy …

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