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Easy Healthy Pumpkin Recipes You'll Love!

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Crisp leaves, warm lattes, and lots of decorative gourds - it’s pumpkin season, friends! This list of easy, healthy pumpkin recipes is a true delight.

I can wholeheartedly recommend all of these recipes. Pumpkin is not only delicious - it’s healthy too! It’s rich in vitamin A, nutrient-dense, and lower in calories because it’s 94% water (source). In North America, pumpkins are harvested (and at their tastiest) in September and October (source).

We often associate them with Halloween and Thanksgiving, but they’re a wonderful fruit to be enjoyed all autumn long (pumpkins are technically a fruit because they have seeds).

Whether you’re looking for a healthy pumpkin dessert recipe or a healthy pumpkin dinner recipe - I’m sure you’ll find a recipe you love here. And please feel free to share your favorite easy healthy pumpkin recipes in the comments below!

Slow Cooker Turkey Pumpkin Chili 

This healthy, turkey pumpkin chili is a fall favorite! It’s full of the good stuff - ground turkey, pumpkin puree, kidney beans, and plenty of spices! Top it with anything you like, but I recommend pepitas, cilantro, and a little sour cream or Greek yogurt. Enjoy!

closeup of bowl of turkey pumpkin chili

Marbled Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

This marbled chocolate pumpkin bread is perfect for fall! It's so delicious and flavorful with all the spices, pumpkin, and cocoa powder. It's easier to make than you'd think and swirling it to create the marbled pattern is actually quite fun!

chocolate pumpkin bread on wire rack

Healthier Pumpkin Spice Cookies

This healthy pumpkin spice cookie recipe is full of pumpkin, oatmeal, and spice! These cookies are fall in dessert form.

pumpkin cookies with glaze

Pumpkin Minestrone Soup

This pumpkin minestrone soup recipe is perfect for fall - it’s hearty, healthy, and packed with flavor. It features fresh pumpkin, butternut squash, red kidney beans, mirepoix, kale, and pancetta. It’s a perfect soup to make on the weekend and eat over several meals during the week.

pumpkin minestrone soup in a bowl next to a napkin

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Do you love pumpkin spice? This homemade pumpkin spice latte recipe is a delight! It’s a healthier version of the coffee shop options, with significantly less sugar.

Your Pumpkin FAQS Answered:

Is pumpkin healthy?

Yes, pumpkin is healthy! It’s a nutrient-dense food that’s high in Vitamin A. It has properties that promote both heart health and clear skin.

It’s also versatile and easy to use in many types of recipes, so it can be incorporated easily into your diet. If you’re using canned pumpkin, check to make sure it’s just puree and doesn’t contain added sugar.

Can I make my own pumpkin puree?

Obviously, it’s easy to buy canned pumpkin puree, but if you want to roast a pumpkin and make your own puree, I’d recommend Alton Brown’s simple pumpkin puree recipe.

How do I choose the best pumpkin for baking/cooking/etc?

For baking and cooking, use sugar pumpkins (also called pie and sweet pumpkins) as opposed to the larger field/carving pumpkins which are suitable for jack-o’-lanterns. Sugar pumpkins are fleshier, sweeter, and pulpier than carving pumpkins.

Other types of pumpkins include New England Cheddar (good for pies), Porcelain Dolls (good for soup), Blue Doll (good for roasting and adding to salads), and Cinderella (good in both sweet and savory dishes).

Pumpkins that are dark orange are at their ripest - pumpkins that have yellowed or pale are past their prime. The pumpkin and stem should both be firm. If there is any give to the pumpkin or the stem, it’s past its prime. Don’t choose a pumpkin with obvious holes or gouges - they can let in moisture or rot that will spoil the inside of the pumpkin.

Do you have any low carb pumpkin recipes?

The only lower carb pumpkin recipe I have is the turkey pumpkin chili (listed above), but I’d also recommend checking out these low carb pumpkin bars from Wholesome Yum or these low carb pumpkin whoopie pies from A Sweet Life.