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Easy Fruit Smoothies

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These easy, healthy fruit smoothies are a wonderful way to start your day and they also make a perfect afternoon snack! Some use yogurt as a base and others are vegan and use almond milk or coconut milk base.

Tips for Making Great Fruit Smoothies

Making a great smoothie is pretty easy, but in my several years of smoothie making, I’ve discovered a few tips that go a long way.

  • Freeze your bananas - especially when they are getting brown and spotty, save them for a smoothie! Remove the peel and break them into smaller pieces (taking the peel off after they are frozen is near impossible and your blender will thank you for the smaller pieces)
  • Create smoothie bags for an easier morning - I create bags full of what I want in my smoothies (think: bananas, fruit, scoops of acai powder, etc) and keep them in the freezer. You can easily pop them into the blender with some liquid and away you go.
  • Add mix-ins - I used to keep my smoothies simple (fruit and almond milk) but I’ve stretched to include more interesting elements like nuts, nut butters, acai powder, aloe vera, avocado (so creamy!), chia seeds (sometimes I just stir these in after), flax seeds, and spirulina (if I feel like I need a shot of green - this has a distinct taste, so start with teaspoons, not tablespoons).
  • Rinse your blender right away - this is a tip so you’ll keep making smoothies! Nothing is harder to clean than dried on smoothie leftovers. So, right after you make your smoothie - add water and soap to your blender and blend it on high speed - this will save you from a tough scrub later.

Easy Fruit Smoothies on the Go

I love taking fruit smoothies to work or on car trips, so it's essential to keep them in something that stays cold, travels easily, and is not environmentally wasteful (no single use plastic!).

Here are some of my favorite ways to take smoothies on-the-go: the classic Ball jar (a perfect size for a big smoothie), this pretty glass tumbler, and this slightly more economical glass tumbler.

Easy Fruit Smoothies

Enjoy these smoothies! Let me know which one is your favorite!