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Types of Radishes + How to Use Them

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Radishes are the best! They have such vibrant colors and flavors and can be eaten raw, roasted, pickled, or blended into condiments.

Radishes are a pungent, edible root vegetable grown around the world. They come in all sorts of colors - red, pink, purple, white, green, black, and yellow.

For our purposes, I will only be sharing types of cultivated radishes (available at the grocery store or farmer's market) and not types of wild radishes.

Different types of radishes on a marble background.

Types of Radishes

Three cherry radishes.

Red Radish (table radish or cherry radish)

This is the common radish sold at most grocery stores. It has bright red skin and white flesh. They are available year-round and they have a crisp, peppery flavor.

A whole and a halved watermelon radish.

Watermelon Radish

This radish doesn't look like much from the outside - it has white and light green skin, but the interior flesh is a vibrant pink. Cross-sections of it look like a watermelon. They are at their peak in spring and fall. Watermelon radishes have a sweeter flavor but still have a little bite.

Two whole purple daikon radishes and two halved daikon radishes.

Daikon Radish

Daikon radishes are an Asian radish available in fall and winter. They can be white, purple, pink, green, or red. They're popular because of their milder, sweeter flavor.

A French breakfast radish with its greens.

French Breakfast Radish

These radishes have ombré skin that goes from red to pink to white. They're long and thin and have a spicier flavor. They're in season in winter and spring.

Green Meat Radish

These radishes have a dark green exterior and interior. They're usually quite crisp and subtly spicy. They're in season in spring and fall.

Sparkler Radish

Sparkler radishes are two-toned with either a dark red or purple top and a creamy white base. They are crunchy and peppery and look great on a crudité platter. They're in season in winter and spring.

Radishes, spices, and olive oil.

Easter Radishes

Easter radishes are actually multiple types of small red, pink, purple, and white radishes but they are often sold in a bunch or bag together. They're beautiful and can be used just like red radishes.

Radish Recipes

Radish FAQs

When are radishes in season?

Radishes are typically grown in colder weather and most varietals are available in winter or spring. Summer radishes are rarer, have a shorter growing season, and tend to be smaller.

How long will radishes keep?

Radishes will last at least a week, and sometimes two, in the refrigerator. Make sure they are dry before putting them in the refrigerator.

If your radishes seem wilted, let them sit in a bowl of ice water for 20 minutes - they'll usually perk up!

Can you eat radish greens?

Yes, you can absolutely eat radish greens. You can eat them raw in a salad or wilt them like spinach and serve them alongside the radishes.

Types of Radishes

Different types of radishes on a marble background.

There is an actual rainbow of radish types - they all have varying degrees of sweetness and pepper to them and can be used in lots of recipes!


  • Cherry Radishes
  • Watermelon Radishes
  • Daikon Radishes
  • Green Meat Radishes
  • Easter Radishes
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • Sparkler Radishes


  1. Use radishes in salads or on toast, roast them or pickle them.

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