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Citrus Pomegranate Salad

This citrus pomegranate salad recipe combines crumbly feta cheese, bright greens, slivered shallots, and a zesty dressing for an exceptional winter citrus salad. It’s juicy and fresh and showcases some of the best winter's fruit. This winter citrus fruit salad recipe is a perfect side dish for four, but it could also be enjoyed as …

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Endive Salad Bites with Grilled Feta

These delicious endive salad bites have citrus, grilled feta, toasted nuts, fresh herbs, and pomegranate seeds. It's all of winter's best produce in one dish! This endive salad makes for a wonderful appetizer or a great light lunch. Why You Should Make this Endive Recipe This gorgeous salad is a bright, flavorful, and a real …

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Brussels Sprouts and Kale Salad with Apples

This shredded Brussels sprouts salad with kale and apples is quick and easy to make! It's full of crunchy bits (apple and toasted walnuts) and savory bits (olive oil massage kale and shredded parmesan). It's a wonderful green salad that makes an excellent side dish! What You'll Need to Make a Brussels Sprout Salad To …

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Roasted Chickpea Salad Recipe

This delicious chickpea salad is full of flavor and is easy to make. This vegan recipe starts with roasting chickpeas with spices and then combining them with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and tahini dressing for a healthy and filling meal. Why You’ll Love this Chickpea Salad This salad recipe makes two large salad servings, …

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Strawberry and Cantaloupe Salad

This easy strawberry cantaloupe salad recipe with a sweet mint and lime topping is wonderfully delicious. It's a perfect side dish to serve at a summer dinner. It makes four side salad servings and is ready in just a few minutes. Why You’ll Love this Cantaloupe and Strawberry Salad This salad is fruity and sweet! …

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