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Spice Guides

These spice guides are essential for understanding and using spices and spice blends. We feature unique spices and flavors from around the world.

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

You’ve got to try making your own delicious, homemade lemon pepper seasoning. It’s bright, kicky, and is a wonderful topping for chicken, steak, white fish, or roasted veggies. What is lemon pepper seasoning made of? Lemon pepper seasoning is a mixture of dried lemon peel, ground black pepper, and usually a few other aromatics – …

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Juniper Berries (How to Use Them + Recipes)

What are Juniper Berries? Juniper berries are a small round berry that grow on conifers. They’re most notably known for flavoring gin. They have a piney, fresh flavor that’s often used in Scandinavian and Eastern European cuisine.  All juniper shrubs and trees grow these berries, but some are too bitter or toxic to eat. You …

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Middle Eastern Spices and Spice Blends

Middle Eastern cuisine uses some of the most exciting spices and spice blends in the world. Richly aromatic and deeply flavorful, these spices are one of the reasons Middle Eastern cuisine is so beloved around the world. Here are the most important spices and spice blends in Arabic cuisine, that you should make sure to …

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