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15 Delicious Sides for Salmon

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Here's what to serve with salmon for dinner! We love baked salmon, grilled salmon, stuffed salmon, and pan-seared salmon for dinner, but what should you serve with it?

These 15 side dishes for salmon are all easy-ish to make and pair well with the buttery, rich flavor of salmon. It's easy to pull together roasted veggies or rice to serve alongside salmon, but if you're looking for more interesting recipes, we think you'll like these dinner sides.

Side Dishes for Salmon

If you're wondering what goes with salmon for dinner, check out these salmon dinner sides. They're easy to make and taste great served alongside fish.

What side dishes complement salmon?

Salmon has a high fat content, so it typically has a rich and oily flavor. Pairing fresh flavors with salmon will help keep your meal balanced and allow the salmon flavor to shine without feeling overwhelming.

We love pairing salmon with a fresh, seasonal vegetable or a light, fruity salad.

Finally, because salmon has a creamy consistency, it can be nice to offset that with a side dish that has some crunch (think nuts, fresh fruit, or crisped panko).

juniper berries salmon on a large plate
Juniper Berries Salmon
roasted beets in a pink bowl with a serving spoon
Easy Roasted Beets